What the hell is this?

Let’s be honest, shows like “The Bachelor”, “Shot of Love”, “Average Joe”, “Dating Naked” and all those other Reality Dating shows are good, but they don’t really apply to the average man.

Hi there! My name is Bradley Laborman, and I am a pretty average man. I have a good life, a good career, I have great friends but the one thing I have always avoided lately is finding true love. So I decided to take the things that I do know (social media, live streaming and comedy) and put them together into a more interactive and fun dating experience for everyone, but mostly for me.

The concept is pretty simple, have women who would want to date me and pursue a relationship with me sign up on the website. Then from that group, we select a couple of candidates. Then we announce them and meet them all on the premiere episode which will be on Valentine’s Day.

Each week, they are then given challenges that will have to be performed or uploaded to social media. Then each Sunday (or possibly Wednesday/Sunday) via a live show, we recap the past week, we look at who got the most interaction on social media and myself and a panel of people I trust eliminate one or two of the contestants.

So that is it! The application process will begin sometime this weekend! (1/8-1/10) and we will announce the contestants the first week in February!

Stay tuned to this site!

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